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We act with efficiency and compassion on behalf of employees to ensure your rights are upheld.

Why seek legal advice

We understand that employment disputes with your employer can be worrying, and tight deadlines imposed by law can leave you feeling overwhelmed. We help by stepping in and removing much of the stress, whether negotiating a favorable exit package for you or upholding your rights in the Employment Tribunal.

  • Understand your rights
  • Clear and simple advice
  • Reduced worry and stress
  • Improve your claim outcome
  • Skilled negotiation
  • Cost-effective support
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Why choose HK Law?

At HK Law, we understand the stress and upheaval that can be caused by disputes with your employer. We act with efficiency and compassion on behalf of employees to ensure your rights are upheld. Our extensive experience means we are committed to achieving the best outcome for you.

  • Extensive experience: Our team has a wealth of experience in handling employment issues for employees
  • Straightforward advice: We provide simple and clear advice to help you navigate the complexity of employment disputes.
  • Clear and up-front costs information: We provide straight forward costs estimates and are able to accept payment plans making specialist help affordable for everyone
  • Close links with specialist barristers: Our connections with employment barristers’ Chambers enable us to offer definitive opinions on potential tribunal claims
  • Tailored advice: All our clients are unique and we take the time to properly understand your individual circumstances and expectations
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Your questions answered

Joanne Archer – Solicitor, Employment/Corporate & Commercial Law Team
  • I’m being mistreated at my work. What options are available to me?
    Claims in the Employment Tribunal are usually a last resort and there are steps that can be taken before this point, such as raising a grievance. HK Law can advise you on appropriate steps to take against your employer and help prepare a grievance letter on your behalf.
  • Is there a time limit for bringing an employment tribunal claim against my employer?
    There are strict time limits for making a claim against your employer which, if missed, can prevent you from making a claim. It is therefore important that you act quickly. HK Law are able to advise on limitation periods and can step in to act swiftly on your behalf when making a claim.
  • My employer has asked me to sign a Settlement Agreement. What happens next?
    You will need to take independent legal advice before signing a Settlement Agreement. Our specialist employment lawyers will advise you on the terms and effect of the agreement, ensure that all payments offered by your employer meet the statutory and contractual requirements, and can often negotiate better settlement terms where appropriate.
  • My employer has announced redundancies. What should I expect?
    Your employer has a duty to consult with the employees, carry out the redundancy process in a fair manner and give proper notice. If your employer fails to do this you may have a claim against them. HK Law can help you to understand your rights and can assist by negotiating a strong exit package for you.
  • What are restrictive covenants in an employment contract and how could they affect me if I wanted to move to a new job?
    Restrictive covenants are restrictions placed on an employee which continue after the employment has ended. They can restrict you from working for a competitor, dealing with certain customers and from poaching employees. They must be reasonable in scope otherwise they are likely to be unenforceable.HK Law can provide advice on the effect and enforceability of any restrictions in your employment contract.
  • I have started a new job but my employer has not given me a written contract. Should I be concerned?
    A written statement of your terms of employment is a day one right. Besides it being a legal entitlement, it is important to have your contractual benefits recorded in writing, in case a dispute or misunderstanding arises in the future. HK Law can help you enforce your rights where there is no written contract.
  • The business I work for has been sold, and the new owner has changed the terms of my employment. Can I object?
    If the sale of the business fell under the “TUPE” regulations, your new employer can usually only change the terms of your business in certain circumstances, otherwise they may be in breach of their obligations. If your employer is trying to change your employment terms without your agreement, HK Law can advise you of your rights and help you to enforce them.
  • I’m being asked by my employer to work longer hours. Do I have to agree?
    Employees are protected by law from working excessive hours. If you are asked to work hours that exceed the statutory cap, you may agree to do so. However, if you are dismissed or treated less favourably as a result of refusing to work longer hours HK Law can help you resolve with your employer, or if necessary enforce your statutory rights.
  • What are the costs, key stages, and likely timescales?
    To find out what’s included in our services, what costs are involved, and likely timescales, please check out the “Our Fees” page of our website.

By Darren Francis, Associate Solicitor

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