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Are you struggling to collect unpaid debts? Don’t let bad debts hinder your cash flow and profitability.
Recover what’s rightfully yours. Our expert team at HK Law specialises in debt recovery, helping businesses and individuals retrieve outstanding payments swiftly and efficiently.

Why seek legal advice

With our proven strategies and legal expertise, we’ll navigate the complexities of debt resolution, ensuring you get the results you deserve.

Seek legal advice from HK Law, and let our experienced solicitors handle your debt recovery. We’ll provide tailored solutions, protect your interests, and maximise your chances of successful recovery, saving you time, effort, and financial resources.

  • Expert guidance & representation
  • Maximised recovery success
  • Time and effort saved
  • Protection of your interests
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Preserved business relationships
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Why choose HK Law?

Our dedication, expertise, and client-centric approach set us apart.

Don’t let bad debts hinder your success. HK Law’s Debt Recovery Service is your key to regaining control of your finances. Our expert team is dedicated to efficiently recovering outstanding money, ensuring your cash flow and profitability remain intact. With our proactive approach, personalised strategies, and transparent communication, we provide the legal expertise needed to achieve successful debt recovery.

  • Proven track record
  • Tailored solutions
  • Transparent communication
  • Accredited professionals
  • Cost-effective approach
  • Client satisfaction
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Your questions answered

Matthew Hills, Associate Solicitor
  • How do I establish the circumstances of the debt?
    Maintaining comprehensive records of conversations, correspondence, and agreements is crucial to establish the circumstances of the debt. These records will not only assist in proving the debt but also shape the debt recovery process.
  • What are the reasons for non-payment of debts?
    Non-payment may occur due to oversight, communication breakdown, disputes, financial difficulties, or lack of seriousness from the debtor. Promptly addressing these issues is essential to preserve business relationships and expedite debt recovery.
  • How does HK Law assist in debt recovery?
    Our team investigates debtors and debts, obtaining relevant information, and offering practical solutions. We contact debtors, arrange payment plans, address problems, and provide impartial advice to achieve amicable settlements whenever possible.
  • What if court proceedings become necessary?
    If all attempts at amicable resolution fail, our skilled team can guide you through court proceedings. We have expertise in pursuing debt through the Court, offering transparent advice on fees and potential enforcement actions.
  • What are the available enforcement actions?
    Enforcement actions include obtaining financial information from the debtor, instructing bailiffs or sheriffs, attaching earnings orders, placing charging orders on debtor's properties, and issuing third-party debt orders on bank accounts.
  • How does HK Law protect my interests?
    We prioritise your interests throughout the debt recovery process, ensuring your rights are safeguarded. Our proactive approach aims to maximise recovery while minimising the impact on your business relationships.
  • Are there alternatives to court proceedings?
    Yes, we explore alternative options before resorting to court proceedings, such as mediation. Our team strives to negotiate and reach settlements through amicable means, saving you time, costs, and potential complications.
  • How can I get started with debt recovery assistance?
    Simply contact us today to discuss your debt recovery needs. Our expert team will assess your case, provide tailored advice, and guide you through the process to recover what's rightfully yours.

By Darren Francis, Associate Solicitor

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