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Protect your rights and resolve probate disputes effectively.
Our HK Law team specialises in contentious probate, offering strategic legal guidance and representation to ensure a fair resolution.

Why seek legal advice

Are you facing disputes or challenges regarding a loved one’s estate? Seek legal advice to protect your rights and achieve a fair outcome. Trust us to navigate the complexities and fight for your interests.

  • Protects your interests
  • Maximizes your inheritance
  • Provides legal representation
  • Resolves disputes efficiently
  • Expert guidance and strategy
  • Ensures fair distribution
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Why choose HK Law?

When it comes to contentious probate, you need a legal team that is skilled, experienced, and dedicated to protecting your interests. Here’s why HK Law is the right choice for you.

We have a successful history of resolving probate disputes, achieving favourable outcomes for our clients through strategic representation and negotiation.

  • Expertise in Contentious Probate
  • Proven Track Record
  • Accredited Professionals
  • Personalised Approach
  • Transparent Communication
  • Client-Centred Service
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Your questions answered

Victoria Pearson, Managing Partner
  • What is contentious probate?
    Contentious probate refers to disputes and challenges that arise during the administration of an estate, typically involving issues related to will validity, claims by beneficiaries, or disagreements over asset distribution.
  • What types of disputes can arise in probate cases?
    Probate disputes can involve challenges to the validity of a will, claims of undue influence, disputes over inheritance, allegations of misconduct by executors, or disagreements among beneficiaries.
  • Why should I seek legal advice for a contentious probate case?
    Seeking legal advice is crucial in contentious probate cases to protect your rights, navigate complex legal matters, and ensure a fair resolution. An experienced lawyer can provide strategic guidance and representation.
  • How long does a contentious probate case take to resolve?
    The duration of a contentious probate case can vary depending on the complexity of the issues and the willingness of parties to reach a resolution. Some cases can be resolved through negotiation, while others may require court proceedings, which can extend the timeline.
  • Can a contentious probate case be resolved without going to court?
    Yes, many contentious probate cases are resolved through negotiation, mediation, or alternative dispute resolution methods. However, if an agreement cannot be reached, court proceedings may be necessary to seek a resolution.
  • How can I protect my inheritance in a contentious probate case?
    Seeking legal advice allows you to protect your inheritance by understanding your rights, presenting your case effectively, and challenging any improper actions or decisions regarding the estate.
  • What happens if the validity of a will is challenged?
    If the validity of a will is challenged, the court will examine the evidence and make a determination. It is crucial to have legal representation to present your case and protect your interests.
  • Can I change my legal representation during a contentious probate case?
    Yes, you have the right to change your legal representation at any point during a contentious probate case. However, it is important to consider the implications and seek advice before making such a decision.

By Darren Francis, Associate Solicitor

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