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Our experience, accreditations, and commitment to resolving your family law issues make us your ideal choice. Trust us to guide you through this challenging journey with care and professionalism.

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Your questions answered

Hayley Coyne, Chartered Legal Executive
  • Does a Mother and Father have equal parental responsibility?
    All those with parental responsibility have equal parental responsibility meaning that neither parent has a greater or superior claim to parental rights or responsibilities than the other.
  • How does a parent have parental responsibility?
    Whether an individual has parental responsibility depends on whether you are the Mother or Father. A Mother has parental responsibility automatically. Whether a Father has automatic parental responsibility depends on his relationship to the Mother. If the Father is married to the Mother then, he will have equal parental responsibility. In the case of cohabiting couples, a Father has equal parental responsibility if, he is named on the birth certificate. There are other ways for a unmarried Father to have parental responsibility which, can be discussed with us.
  • What does parental responsibility mean?
    Parental responsibilities are the rights and responsibilities that a parent of a child has. If you have parental responsibility you have a right to be included in decisions being made about the child including, their education and health.
  • What happens when one parent wants to relocate with the children?
    Proposed relocations should be reasonable and well-thought-out. All those with parental responsibility have to agree to the relocation. If an agreement is not reached between the parties then, an application may have to be made to the Court for, the Court to consider the relocation of the child.
  • What is Parental Alienation?
    Parental Alienation is a situation where one parent manipulates the child, causing estrangement from the other parent. It can occur during relationships or separations and may involve false allegations during court proceedings.
  • What is considered by the Court when the Court considers the child arrangements for my child(ren)?
    The Court’s paramount consideration is the welfare of the child(ren). When considering matters, the court have to have regard to: the child’s wishes and feelings (in light of their age), their physical, emotional and educational needs, the affect on the child of any change in circumstances, the age, sex, background and characteristics of the child, any harm the child is at risk of suffering and, how capable each parent is at meeting a child’s needs.
  • Can I change my children's surname?
    Changing your children's surname before they reach the age of 18, is possible with the consent of all those with parental responsibility for the child or through a court order.
  • What child arrangement rights do I have?
    Neither parent has an automatic entitlement to have the primary care of a child upon separation. Both parents have equal parental rights. If an agreement cannot be reached as to what arrangements there should be, the court may have to decide on the best arrangements for the children.

By Darren Francis, Associate Solicitor

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