Debt recovery solicitors

Debt Recovery Solicitors

Debt Recovery Solicitors

“Many businesses throw good money after bad with the wrong debt recovery strategies. With debt recovery action from as little as £50 + VAT, we’ll make sure you use the right tools for the job… how can we help you…?”

Damaging cash flow and profitability, many businesses compound bad debts by using inappropriate and ineffective strategies to pursue them. At Humphries Kirk, our specialist Debt Recovery Solicitors will assess each bad debt individually and advise which method is likely to be the most effective for its collection. In this way unnecessary and unproductive expense is minimised and the efficiency of your debt recovery significantly improved.

We also recognise that debt recovery calls for sensitivity and discretion, it is important to maintain and preserve your relationships with your clients. By getting to understand you and your business first, as well as your relationships with each of your respective clients, we are able to tailor our approach on a client-by-client basis.

How can we help you?

  • Payment plans
  • Resolution of disputes
  • Communicating debtor complaints and issues
  • Impartial advice and practical solutions to achieve settlement as amicably as possible

Smart Solution Service – debt recovery action from £50 + VAT

Having already allocated valuable time and resources to chase a debt, the last thing business owners and finance directors want is to incur significant additional expense by pursuing it through legal channels. For this reason, our Debt Report package has not only proved popular, but highly effective. For £50 + VAT we issue a Letter Before Action, including details of the next steps and applicable charges. If the debtor pays at this stage, there are no further fees to pay. In many cases, this letter is all that is required to secure full payment, but if this does not take place, we can commence court proceedings on your behalf at highly competitive rates.

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