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Commercial Mediation

Commercial Mediation

Faster, cheaper and considerably less stressful than court proceedings, Commercial Mediation usually achieves a satisfactory settlement within days… how can we help you…?

With the disruption and loss of management time it inevitably brings with it, litigation can take a high toll on the running of a business. Commercial Mediation represents a cheaper, faster and less stressful alternative, avoiding the cost and time consuming process of settling a dispute through the courts.

Enabling the parties to the dispute rather than a judge or mediator to reach not only the decision to settle but also the terms of that agreement, the process is facilitated by a neutral, third party commercial mediator, creating a forum for constructive negotiation as opposed to legal conflict.

In our experience, Commercial Mediation usually succeeds in achieving a satisfactory settlement on the same day or shortly thereafter, saving both parties to the dispute the stress, expense and delay of court proceedings.

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