Resolving inheritance disputes with HK law

Inheritance Disputes

“Court proceedings may be necessary to settle a dispute. If they are, we’ll act on your behalf with the utmost professionalism. If they aren’t, we’ll advise on alternative solutions.”

Thankfully, many disputes can be settled without recourse to legal action. If, however, you find you are unable to resolve matters this way, litigation may become necessary. Before committing to the expense of court proceedings it is essential to establish your chances of success.

What is an inheritance act claim?

Only certain categories of relatives and dependents of the deceased can make a claim. This includes spouses, cohabitees, children, people treated as a child of the deceased and people who were financially dependent upon the deceased.

How can I make an inheritance act claim?

A claim under this act must be made by issuing a claim form at court within six months of the date of the grant of probate. In limited circumstances, extensions to this timeframe can be obtained.

How can Humphries Kirk resolve inheritance disputes?

Our highly experienced team will discuss the details of your case with you and draw a rational, balanced conclusion as to its chances of success. All of the risks and potential costs will be clearly explained to you, enabling you to make an objective, dispassionate decision whether or not to proceed.

We may take the view that court proceedings might not be in your best interests. If so, we will explain why – and how other avenues, such as arbitration and mediation, could give you a better chance of a favourable outcome.

Either way, the key is objectivity. When you’re locked in an inheritance dispute, it is all too easy to act impulsively and irrationally… at Humphries Kirk, we’ll be at your side to ensure you make decisions based on fact and probability of success – not emotion.

“All Will writers within Humphries Kirk adhere to the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners’ Code for Will Preparation. To learn more about the Step code please click here.


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