trading disclosure requirements

Trading Disclosure Requirements

| Published on August 24, 2017

Companies must adhere to the following trading disclosure requirements.

A company must display:

  • its registered name,
  • its registered number;
  • the part of the United Kingdom in which the company is registered (i.e. England and Wales); and
  • the address of the company’s registered office.

The above must be displayed on all of the following:

  • at its registered office and other places of business;
  • on business correspondence;
  • on its documents such as invoices, business letters and notices;
  • on applications for trading licences;
  • on its email footers; and
  • on its websites.

The purpose of these requirements is so that the legal identity of every company is open and available to anyone who has, or may have, dealings with that company.

A company does not have to state its directors’ names on its business letters unless it chooses to. However, if the company decides to include the names then it must state the names of all of its directors.

Where a company is part of an overseas company, then the company must ensure that its name and country of incorporation are displayed in every location in the United Kingdom where that company carries on business.

It is a criminal offence if a company breaches any of these mandatory requirements which are punishable by a fine.  The Company and its officers who do not comply may be found liable.

In addition to the above, a company that is VAT registered must state its VAT number on any invoices.

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