HK Consultant Macebearer

HK consultant chosen as macebearer

| Published on August 30, 2016

Humphries Kirk consultant appointed as macebearer for Dorchester

Barry White, consultant for Dorset and Somerset law firm Humphries Kirk solicitors, has been appointed as macebearer for Dorchester Town Council for civic events in the town.

When on duty, Barry will wear a tricorn hat and cape. He said: “I am proud to have been asked to be involved in one of Dorchester’s traditional roles.

Dorchester’s maces are made of silver gilt and carry the date December 28, 1728. The maces are small and follow the pattern decreed by King Charles 1 in 1649.

The use of the mace as a symbol of authority dates back to the 11th or 12th century, when a club was a common weapon. Knights emblazoned their coats of arms on the handle knobs of the clubs which their heralds carried, so that people would know that the heralds were properly authorised. The symbol became more and more ornate as time passed, even though the club fell out of use as a serious weapon.

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