How has the pandemic affected how personal injury claims are dealt with?

It seems that everything is centred around the pandemic these days. That being said, the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have changed the way in which firms all over the country are dealing with claims and clients.

At Humphries Kirk, the personal injury department has made changes in the way it deals with files and clients in order to ensure that matters are efficiently dealt with, regardless of where staff are working.

How are claims dealt with?

Prior to the pandemic the personal injury department was a client facing one and clients would attend the office to discuss their claim and any resulting issues. Identification would be taken face to face and any updates throughout the claim could be discussed either over the telephone or face to face.

Since March 2020 the personal injury department has moved all client interactions to remote ones. Client instructions are taken either over the phone or through a video meeting. Identification is now taken and verified online. Updates throughout the matter are now provided over the telephone or through video appointments. Correspondence is dealt with predominately through email where possible which means that not only are matters able to be dealt with more swiftly, there is also a significant reduction in physical letters being sent from the department.

How has the process changed?

It is not only the firm though that has had to change their processes to deal with personal injury matters. In the course of the claim a medical expert is usually instructed in order to prepare a report on the injuries. Usually, the expert would meet with the client face to face in order to examine the injuries and discuss the matter with the client. Since March 2020, meetings have been conducted remotely, by video consultation.

The courts have also changed the way they deal with matters. Hearings and trials would usually take place face to face in the courts in front of a Judge or Master. Now, these are conducted remotely, with the parties calling into the court to have an audience with the Judge or Master. Although it is still not usual for personal injury matters to go to court, with only a fraction of cases doing so.

These changes in handling cases are likely to continue even after the pandemic. It allows clients to be able to deal with their claim remotely without having to take time out of their day to attend the office or perhaps even attending a medical expert or court.

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