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Gender Pay Gap Regulations and Reporting Average Earnings

| Published on April 4, 2018

Gender Pay Gap Regulations and Reporting Average Earnings

The Gender Pay Gap Regulations came into force on 6 April 2017. They apply to Private and voluntary sector employers with 250 or more employees. These companies have until midnight on 4 April 2018 to publish their gender pay gap data showing the average earnings of their male and female staff.

They must publish the following information on their own website and upload it to a government website:

  1. Overall gender pay gap figures for relevant employees, calculated using both the mean and median average hourly pay.
  2. The proportion of men and women in each of four pay bands (quartiles), based on the employer’s overall pay range. This will show how the gender pay gap differs across the organisation, at different levels of seniority
  3. Information on the employer’s gender bonus gap (that is, the difference between men and women’s mean and median bonus pay over a 12-month period).
  4. The proportion of male and female employees who received a bonus in the same 12-month period.
  5. A written statement, signed by an appropriate senior individual, confirming that the published gender pay gap information is accurate.

Employers have the option to include a narrative explaining any pay gaps or other disparities and setting out what action, if any, they plan to take to address them.

Consequences of non-compliance

The Government decided not to introduce a civil enforcement system to ensure compliance.

Instead, the Government has indicated that it will:

  1. Run periodic checks to assess for non-compliance.
  2. Produce tables by sector of employers’ reported gender pay gaps.
  3. Highlight and identify employers publishing particularly full and explanatory information.

There was a suggestion that the Government may also publicise the identity of employers known not to have complied with the Gender Pay Gap Regulations but it appears that this suggestion has not been taken forward at this stage.

If your business has any queries regarding salary reporting or the Gender Pay Gap Regulations then please contact Audrey Spencer, head of Employment Law, on or by calling 01202 725400.

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