Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman pulls in to Swanage

| Published on March 28, 2019

Martin King, solicitor, reflects on the history of the Flying Scotsman, and what has changed since its last arrival in Swanage, 25 years ago.

Swanage’s railway station has seen some famous arrivals and departures in its time, to name a few; The Two Ronnies arrived in their silent film ‘By the Sea’, with Swanage being renamed Tiddly Cove, and more recently it saw Harry Styles, of One Direction fame, leaving in ‘Dunkirk’. The Flying Scotsman may, however, be the most illustrious arrival of 2019 so far.

The age of steam conjures up romantic images of a time gone by for many, something they may never experience in real life, instead enjoying it from its depiction in television and film. ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ is a perennial favourite, as are ‘The 39 Steps’, ‘Oh Mr Porter’ or ‘The Lady Vanishes’. Alternatively, they may be armchair travellers who enjoy the programmes of the two Michaels Palin and Portillo, Chris Tarrant, or Tony Robinson.

The Flying Scotsman was last in Swanage in 1994, two years before the birth of my eldest daughter. She is now 22 and, like many of her generation, is probably more familiar with ‘The Girl on the Train’. My daughter did, however, also recently ask me about Wills, and that made me realise there will be many people born since the Flying Scotsman’s last trip to Swanage who should now be making Wills.

My daughter’s enquiry was prompted by the purchase of her first property, but that is only one reason to make a Will. The number of adults without a Will is substantial, estimates vary significantly but it is generally acknowledged that a large number of adults under 25 who should have Wills simply do not.

At Humphries Kirk, we spend a lot of time talking to people about Wills but there are many more who should also be talking to us about them. A few of the very basic reasons for making Wills are as follows;

  • property ownership
  • to appoint guardians for children
  • to decide who you want to deal with your affairs in the event of your death
  • to decide who you want to inherit your assets in the event of your death
  • new relationships and to protect your partner if you are not married

In relation to the last point above it is important to note that many people think if they are in a relationship but not married, that their partner will inherit in the event of their death. However, if you are not legally married then in the absence of a valid Will your partner would potentially inherit nothing. Therefore, it cannot be understated how important it is to make a Will.

If you don’t have a Will, do not leave it until the Flying Scotsman returns again in another 25 years, come and talk to us today. In Swanage, you will find our offices opposite the railway station.

We have a network of branches across Dorset and Somerset, and a consulting rooms in London, please click here for details on how to contact your local Humphries Kirk.

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