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Financial affairs of missing persons

| Published on July 26, 2019

The Guardianship (Missing Persons) Act 2017 comes into force in England and Wales 2019 on 31 July 2019. The new law is informally known as ‘Claudia’s Law’ after a solicitor campaigned for a change in the law after his daughter’s disappearance in 2009.

The legislation allows someone to apply to the court to be appointed as guardian for a missing person and will be of immense help to families in many scenarios.
The guardian will be able to act in that person’s best interests and look after his or financial and property affairs.

Previously, families faced many problems where a loved one was missing (and could not be proved to have died), not least looking after that person’s affairs.
Under the new Act, a guardian can be appointed by the Court for any person who has been missing for 90 or more days.

‘Missing people’ will include not only people who have gone missing in the UK and abroad, but also victims of kidnap and hostage, and people in prisons abroad who cannot communicate decisions about their affairs.

If you would like further information on this new legislation, contact your local Humphries Kirk office.

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