Business as un(Usual) – Latest Update

| Published on May 7, 2020

During my 35 years as a lawyer and business manager I have worked though economic booms, recessions and world changing events, but could never have anticipated such a time as this. Who could?

There’s no doubt it’s an incredibly challenging time for all of us. My first priority is safeguarding the wellbeing of our team, clients and the communities within it we live and work.

At HK we continue to offer our full complement of legal services and our team of experts are available to provide the right support for you and your business. Life is changing at a rapid pace and so is the law. Our lawyers are ensuring that they are up to date on the latest legal position and how practically they are going to affect our clients. We’re updating our online materials daily to reflect the constant change in our legal environment. In particular we have detailed knowledge and insight on the government schemes for job retention, the property market and litigation – key topics for obvious reasons.

In order to support front line workers that are supporting our communities we are offering a 20% discount on selected legal services. If you know of anyone that would benefit from our advice please tell them; we would really like show our appreciation for their selfless work in this small way.

It’s not clear how this crisis will unfold or when it will end but I am sure that it will leave its mark on all of us. I also know that the HK team are here to support you and your business at this difficult time and in the future, whatever it may bring.

I hope that you and your families keep safe and well.

Simon Cross

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