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New year business debt recovery offer – Debt recovery action from as little as £15 plus VAT!

The new year is a great time to turn your attention to issues that may have been pushed aside in the busy run up to Christmas. A good time to take action over any unpaid invoices that may be affecting your cash flow. In order to help our local businesses, Humphries Kirk debt recovery solicitors are offering a special promotional offer for new debt recovery matters. 

The offer will run from 1st January 2020 to 31st March 2020. To take advantage of this offer you simply need to provide us with instructions and accept our terms of business within this time frame. 

For this limited time we will be offering our Letter Before Action writing service for a reduced cost starting from as little as £15 plus VAT with a new fixed fee structure, detailed below, so you know exactly what fees you will pay for your debt recovery. 

Please note that this offer is only applicable for uncontested commercial debts. If you are not sure whether this would apply to your matter then please call us and we will be able to advise you in any event. 

Letter Before Action

The first step in any debt recovery matter is to send the debtor a Letter Before Action (“LBA”). This letter will set out the money that is owed to you including any interest and compensation. It lets the debtor know how they can pay the outstanding money to you and finally puts the debtor on notice that if payment is not received within a strict time limit you have the right to begin court proceedings against them. 

It is important to start off your debt recovery right. You might be tempted to use a template and chase your debtors yourself, however getting it wrong at this stage can cost you more than you may save by using a DIY approach. Any mistakes at this point can mean that you may have to start the process all over again which costs your time, your money and your credibility.  

As part of our New Year debt recovery promotion we are offering our LBA writing service for a fixed fee of £25 plus VAT for a single LBA and £15 plus VAT per LBA for five or more simultaneous instructions.

Issuing proceedings

If the debtor fails to pay after receiving the LBA it may become necessary to issue proceedings. Humphries Kirk debt recovery solicitors have the expertise to prepare the necessary paperwork for even the most complex debt claims and to ensure the claim is processed as quickly as possible. 

We will look at your terms and business and work out the amount of interest you are entitled to claim as well as late payment compensation to maximise what you are entitled to recover and to offset your legal costs. 

If payment is not received we will obtain judgment for you. This is also known as a County Court Judgment or CCJ and will often be enough to persuade debtors to settle the outstanding invoices. 

Our fixed fee for issuing proceedings will be dependent on the value of the claim and whether or not you decide to obtain judgment. Please see the table for our fixed fee structure.

Costs for debt recovery

Stage of Recovery Humphries Kirk Fixed Fee Fees Payable upon Successful Recovery
Letter Before Action (LBA)

*includes 30 mins negotiation with debtor
£25 plus VAT for single LBA
£15 plus VAT if five or more LBAs required
5% of monies recovered (capped at £500)

+ statutory compensation
Issuing Proceedings If no judgment obtained 5% of monies recovered

+ statutory compensation
£0 – 999 : £100 plus VAT
£1,000 – £2,999 : £150 plus VAT
£3,000 – £9,999 : £200 plus VAT
£10,000 + : £250 plus VAT
If Judgment obtained

*includes 30 mins negotiation with debtor
5% of monies recovered

+ statutory compensation
£0 – £999 : £50 plus VAT
£1,000 – £4,999 : £100 plus VAT
£5,000 – £9,999 : £150 plus VAT
£10,000 + : £200 plus VAT
Enforcement £75 plus VAT 5% of monies recovered

+ statutory compensation
Statutory Demand £150 plus VAT 5% of monies recovered

+ statutory compensation

Enforcement – £75 plus VAT

If you have obtained a CCJ against a debtor but payment is not forthcoming you may wish to consider taking enforcement action. We will advise you on the best enforcement action to take and any third party fees you will be required to pay. We will liaise with the relevant body in a swift manner so that your money will be recovered as quickly as possible. 

If you sign up to take advantage of the New Year promotion the fixed fee you would pay to us for arranging enforcement would be just £75 plus VAT.

Why do our debt recovery solicitors take further costs after successful recovery?

We recognise that businesses are reluctant to incur large fees for debt recovery when in reality there are some debts that are simply unenforceable. That is why we ask you to pay a low fixed fee upfront.

The second half of our fees will only be payable by you if we are successful in the recovery of your money. We will deduct 5% of your recovered debt and any late payment compensation that is successfully recovered. This means that you will only pay this portion if we are successful and you can therefore be sure that we will do our utmost to make sure you recover the maximum amount possible. 

Negotiation with the debtor

We offer 30 minutes of negotiation with the debtor after the Letter Before Action and after proceedings are issued. This is often enough to make the debtor take the claim seriously and can help to resolve areas of dispute regarding your outstanding invoices. In our experience this added service can preserve your relationship with clients experiencing cash flow problems which is important to your business. 

Debt recovery testimonials

“I would like to take this opportunity of giving my heartfelt thanks and appreciation especially to you, but also your staff, for the tremendous advice, support and customer care shown to me over the past eighteen months. Going forward I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Humphries Kirk.”

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