Court of protection solicitors

Court of Protection Solicitors

From advice on deputyships to applications, our court of protection solicitors are on hand to assist you every step of the way.

What is the Court of Protection?

The Court of Protection is the Court governing the affairs of vulnerable people in England and Wales. Set up by the Mental Capacity Act of 2007, the Court serves to protect those that are unable to make decisions for themselves relating to their property and financial affairs or their health and welfare.

Why would I require Court of Protection Solicitors?

If you are dealing with issues that are beyond the authority of the Lasting Power of Atorney, you will be required to make a court application in order to resolve these issues. These could include;

  • Medical treatments
  • Financial affairs
  • The sale of a property
  • Sale of other assets

Where Trustees for existing Trusts have lost capacity, it can be necessary to apply to the Court for removal and appointment of a New Trustees in their place.

In some instances, it will be necessary to apply to the Court of Protection for the removal of a person already acting under a Lasting Power of Attorney or Enduring Power of Attorney, perhaps for reasons of financial abuse of P. Applications of this nature are often time-sensitive and urgent.

What is the Court of Protection process?

Our experienced team can assist with applications to the Court of Protection for existing Attorneys that require court directions for particular issues or making applications for Deputyship. We can also provide advice to determine whether an application to the Court is necessary as applications to the Court should always be a last resort after other avenues have been exhausted.

If you have further questions regarding the Court of Protection, visit our FAQ page, download our guide or get in touch with one of our team below.


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