John Mucha, director, Mucha Limited

To say that Alphonse Mucha was a tremendous influence in the world of art and fashion is something of an understatement. Fantastically talented and also commercially very aware, he certainly knew what people liked and I think that’s one of the reason why his work still resonates with a modern audience. With such a disparate catalogue of work and now with a world-wide market, it’s important that Mucha’s heritage is protected and the team at Humphries Kirk has been invaluable in helping us ensure that Alphonse Mucha’s designs are protected for future generations to enjoy.

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What we are doing to keep you safe?

We would like to reassure all our clients, contacts and those new to enquire with us that your safety is our primary concern.

When booking appointments with us we will keep your details solely for contact tracing purposes, we have Perspex protective screens in each reception, staggered meeting start times, we have masks available in each reception and meeting room and gloves so we can wear PPE if you need us to, after each meeting we are cleaning the meeting room and all contact surfaces on top of our daily cleaning and weekly deep cleaning of the offices.

We offer home visits again wearing PPE or telephone appointments via video conferencing.

We encourage our clients, contacts and those enquiring with us to ask for anything else that they feel would assist in our safely taking their instructions and acting on their behalf.