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Contentious Probate

Contentious probate is the act of disputing someone’s estate after they have passed away, these disagreements usually occur between the beneficiaries. 

Do you have a dispute about a Will?

Not received anything?
Not received what you were promised?
Not received what you were expecting?
Not received what you need?

We may be able to help you challenge or dispute the provisions made in a Will. We can also help you find out more information about what the Will says, why the Will was written in the way it was, or why the deceased decided to do what they did. We can also help you put in place a caveat if you need more time to find out the answers to these questions.

We can provide a free initial contentious probate interview (on the telephone if this is more convenient for you) to help you decide what to do.


Do you need help understanding why an estate has been administered the way it has?
Do you want help challenging the decisions made by the executor or trustee?

The rules relating to the administration of estates are complex but more and more people are choosing to do it themselves. Our free initial interview may help in finding out what the executors have done. The probate registry takes a small charge for registering a caveat (£20) and for obtaining copies after you have searched the register for a Will or grant of probate. But we can also help with all of this.

How can Humphries Kirk help you with contentious probate?

Victoria Pearson is a solicitor and partner with over 20 years experience of dealing with contentious probate and disputes such as these.

“When someone you care for passes away, it is often a very difficult period in your life. If the situation is made more stressful because you don’t receive what you were promised, or what you expected to, the stress of the situation can increase tenfold. I can talk through your options, explain what you are entitled to, or even sometimes, just help you understand why.” – Victoria Pearson

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