Commercial mediation and business mediation

Commercial Mediation

Faster, cheaper and considerably less stressful than court proceedings, Commercial Mediation usually achieves a satisfactory settlement within days…

What is Commercial Mediation?

Commercial Mediation is an alternative method to resolve disputes. It uses an unbiased third party to help come to an agreement and settle the dispute.

Each party involved will be given the chance to speak privately with the mediator and discuss their side of the dispute. In most cases, once both sides have been provided to the mediator, a forum will be open for discussion.

Why is Commercial Mediation more preferable?

With the disruption and loss of management time it inevitably brings with it, litigation can take a high toll on the running of a business.

Commercial Mediation provides the following benefits:

  • Cheaper than a court proceeding
  • Faster and less stressful
  • Still completely unprejudiced due to the use of a neutral third party
  • Completely confidential
  • More flexible than the traditional court method

Enabling the parties to the dispute rather than a judge or mediator to reach not only the decision to settle but also the terms of that agreement, the process is facilitated by a neutral, third party commercial mediator, creating a forum for constructive negotiation as opposed to legal conflict.

In our experience, Commercial Mediation usually succeeds in achieving a satisfactory settlement on the same day or shortly thereafter, saving both parties to the dispute the stress, expense and delay of court proceedings.

In what cases may Commercial Mediation be used?

This type of business mediation can be used for the majority of disputes, these may include:

Why do I need a solicitor for commercial and business mediation?

It’s important that you go into your commercial mediation with all the facts to support your case. In many cases, this, therefore, means you will need to get advice from a mediation solicitor prior to the mediation taking place.

You may feel it necessary for your solicitor to attend the mediation with you as they can act on your behalf.

Alternatively, you may want a solicitor to act as the mediator to help proceedings go smoothly, please note that the mediation solicitor will not be available to offer any advice in this situation and will be solely acting as a third party to negotiate a settlement.

Choosing Humphries Kirk for mediation

Our solicitors at Humphries Kirk have had years of experience dealing with disputes in the workplace and are well placed to act as the unbiased mediator. Speak with our mediation solicitors today or contact your local office.

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