History of Humphries Kirk Solicitors



“As a solicitors’ practice Humphries Kirk has had a colourful past. We can trace our roots back some 300 years!”

In that time we have changed names and faces but the heart of what makes Humphries Kirk such a good law firm remains the same. Solid expertise, extensive experience and a real care for the needs of our clients.

This ethos is, in part, what has attracted firms to Humphries Kirk and what has made other firms attractive to us. Our recent growth is in no small way, partly due to numerous strategic mergers and acquisitions with firms who share a similar culture with similar attitudes to work and service.

Those firms include names such as Porter, Mangnall & Coggins, Oscar Whittingham, Richard Dukes, Baker & Duke, Poole and Co., Neville Jones, David Edwards, Williamson & Co. and Trevanions Solicitors to name but a few, and Humphries Kirk is a bigger and better practice because of what these firms have brought to us.

Needless to say, we would not be in business if we had not constantly adapted to these changes, continually re-evaluated what we do and continually enhanced our activities to make sure our service is always relevant, responsive and rooted in the real world.

So what ever you want us to do, however straightforward or complex the issue, whether it is services from construction law to debt recovery, you can be sure we have the legal skills you need; and the integrity, professionalism and personal contact we do not think you should ever be without.

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